Schools Event Prep

So as part of one of my modules, my course mates and I are putting on a school’s event to try and inspire some of the pupils to get into the world of Audio Technology. Between us there are four groups and we all have a unique demonstration.

My group, Team Electric Falcon! Consists of members George Stamou, Tom Wood and Myself. Our project is to show how a loudspeaker can be simply made, using simple components and ‘stuff found around the house.’ On Thursday, we tried our first prototype; today we had a successful, working model. I think I’ll dedicate a whole post to explain the workings of a speaker to keep this short.

The plan is to give the pupils some part-built speakers and let them do some of the assembly. We will let them experiment with different sized speaker cones and see who can make the loudest one. I’m quite excited to see how the kids react… I was blown away when I heard music playing out of something I built, using part of a pizza tray for a speaker cone.

In fact, I think I can put that in my CV.



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