Update No. 1

In preparation for public listening tests, a number of tasks have to be completed.

My immediate goal is to shorten the HRTF capturing process. HRTFs are recored by sitting a participant in the centre of a multi-speaker array (in my case 50 speakers), with a small microphone placed inside each ear, playing a pure tone sweep from each individual speaker.

As mentioned in the previous post, the capturing process involves a participant sitting perfectly still while these sounds are played at them. My plan to reduce this time is to use an overlap method, in which the 50 sweeps are played over each other, rather than one at a time. At this point, I have simulated a small scale version of the test, in which two overlapping sweeps yielded the same result as two separate sweeps. Furthermore, I have produced the sound files that will be played over the listening rig to test.

The next two steps include writing the code to process the recorded sweeps and then splitting the audio into the 100 separate impulse responses (the data that makes up the HRTF bank : 50 per channel).



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