Update No.2

Following my last update, I have continued my work into the HRTF recording process and am now ready to begin my first test run, which will most likely involve using the KEMAR dummy in replacement of a human participant. The benefit to using KEMAR as a test subject is that it doesn’t move, and so provides a control to compare test results with later.

With KEMAR positioned at the exact centre of the speaker array, a series of 50 sine sweeps will be played: one from each speaker, starting at 0.5 second intervals. The resulting recording will be two channels of data (corresponding to each ear), which will be processed within MATLAB to yield 100 impulse responses (HRIRs) (one per speaker, per ear). These HRIRs (a different representation of HRTFs) will be used to create a virtual speaker array that will be produced over headphones. Provided that this is a success, the same method will be used to create HRTFs for all of the participants.

(KEMAR dummy head positioned in the rig using lasers)

Once this test it completed and if the results are as expected, I will be able to begin planning the listening tests, which will be explained in more detail in their own post.


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